Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy puppy

My student loan service just sent me a birthday card.

My dog at midnight

Happy New Year, or as your dogs may know it...

Feeding a tiger mid air

Can't believe I kept track all year.

Cat is amused with puppy trying to slap it

The Amazing Kitty Race: Pajama Mountain

Going to a new years eve party alone this year...

The moment when your girlfriend moves in to your apartment and you see the electric bill.

A story of rejection and regret in four panels

Being the ball...

This girl waiting here

How I feel about New Year's Eve as I get older

Naughty Kittikins!

The conversation I imagine my upstairs neighbors having every morning

What a bitch

Man's best friend

How to use public restrooms.

"Deathstroke" seems to be an appropriate name.

With friends like this.....

My family's contest to see who can make our Star Wars guys the most fabulous [OC]

Kathleen Gets Around.

This is so metal

What the hell is this thing

My wife bought me monogram pajamas for Xmas.


Breaking News: A giant bird terrorizes the city

He almost did it

A friend of mine being pulled by his pit bulls on a snowskate.

Kitten is chasing a virtual mouse

How New Years Eve is celebrated around my house

Steel wool burning

How my cats will react tonight

Meanwhile in saudi arabia

Futurama was a great show

Never ending sword fight. Credit to Steve Weebly

Equal rights getting equal lefts

How is this even possible?


Winter driving


Danger: Do Not Touch.

Hey guys! A gay bar just opened in my area!

Vicious Attack

For someone already social awkward and with bad anxiety when a girl I am interested in does this it kills me!

When I watch a DIY youtube video with an unnecessarily long intro.

Sign at my local pizza place

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Most "Free to play" games in a nutshell.

It's a gateway to math.