Thursday, December 31, 2015

NPR gets it

PSA this New Year. Wait til the train stops before disembarking.

The basics of southern cooking.

As a 34 year old man watching the bands on New Years Rockin' Eve

Go ahead, grown-ass-man roommate... keep peeing on my floor.... And I'll keep using your bath towel to clean it up.

My new koozie is the best koozie.

Fight club

Amazing pool shot

That time of year again

Kid is a savage

Tommy Lee and his drum roller coaster

Dogs everywhere tonight

Perspectives on Chewbacca

Sipping on white tears

Estonia's weather girl is hotter than Mexico's weather girl

Tumblr is at it again, people.

Wake up people

Google Fiber is coming to my city. Comcast is getting nervous.

Grandpa flipping a 57-egg Omelette

Instant Karma


Last chance to use this

Skill with a zippo

Mexico's Hottest Weather Girl

How i shagged your mother

It's that time of the year again.


Intelligent Design

Face Wash

My sticker does not agree with your mug

When you sleep through your alarm but realize your alarm never went off then realize you never set your alarm you just typed "8" into the calculator then passed out.

Who wants to get crazy for a new year?


My favorite cosplay seen this year

Matchmaking sites

*tips helmet*

"I'm 87! I'll clap when there's something worth clapping for.

Just need a little nudge to get started...

good guy referee

Daughter got this thing for Christmas and it's mesmerising.


Cutting these hotdogs

Passing this zoo sign, I start laughing but no one in my family seemed to get it at first.

This guy is an actual congressman in Russia

I don't think the mug which I bought in India could be more relevant in any sense...

Florida Man does it again

The negative space looks like a Canadian mountie.

If he can do it, why your excuse?


So jenga cats are a thing.