Thursday, April 30, 2015

I feel like an asshole when I go on Tinder

Imagine his face after.

Stephen Colbert showing off his inner Hemingway

Two Types of People

how most of my conversations with barbers go

I guess it's time to take a bath

This is what happens when you wear a green t-shirt to picture day


Reddit when OP lies

Turns out my 4-year-old is a genius.

Enzo Ferrari was a simple man with simple wishes

Finally a mannequin that adequately reflects how buff I look in polo shirts

Everyone should follow this hiking tip. Especially Steve (I hate Steve)

I was walking on the street when...

Orange Juice

Some examples of why the Oxford comma is generally a good idea

Girl asked my name at Arbys. It's Tate.

Just finished GTA on my PC, now to finally go outside.

Total humiliation complete

That's how you throw a punch

Bud Light's next commercial


Nailed It

Fountain of musical notes.

Single Life

"Hey, toss that over here."

So apparently there's a little kid in front of us on this flight...

Kite Surfer jumps over an island - ◕_◕

The genius of Buzzfeed strikes again.


Nice try Comcast...

When you need to keep your mouth shut

Zebra shark wants a belly rub

Toilet Poetry At It's Best

The Psychology building at my University

Aww yisss

It's summer here in the Phililppines so we have to ...

How To Win Every Fight

Next time someone is blocking your way.

This dog unlocked the barrel roll achievement..."

School bathroom gets reviewed

I think we might have a problem here...[OC]

What happens if I am swimming in the middle?

A local church

There were a few bugs on my ride tonight..

A chair was found sitting upright two miles below the Pacific Ocean

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

So I Ran into Vincent Van Gogh today...

Hold up, the screw fell out

Or Carlos, depending on who's available.

This is always make me smile