Sunday, May 31, 2015

When reading gets too real

Just in case a cow wanna fuck around and get dunked on

My Graduation Cap

Baby polar bear defends its mother from a raven

I miss Roseanne.


Pillow Plower

Just a normal day in Canada.

Nothing worse than waking up on a Sunday morning, and having to clean up the carnage left behind after another wild Saturday night.

Jupiter is stunning

Cat saves a falling hand

These two books contain all the information in the world

A wheelchair that can go up stairs

This is why you always pack double (or triple)

Found Daniel Radcliffe as a woman in an old timey photo. Bonus: Harry Potter glasses!

Not a single time

Who did it?!!

Gyroscopic cup holders

Bosses are lame

Cosplay at its finest

Roundhouse fury kick

He said he wanted "cold hard cash" for his birthday

It's Amazing

Navy F/A-18E Super Hornet lands on aircraft carrier in rough seas with zero visibility

Wife made me a pillow.

Adorable seal wants to rip your hand off

Super Food

I'm gonna say.....yes?

I found a drunk guy that I tried to help.

Instant karma.

What happened?

By far my favorite combo in cards against humanity

Living on the edge

That's a Wedgie That Will Never Fade Away :D

GF let me decorate the guest bathroom. This is now the view from the toilet.

Freefall slide


Playing fetch

Hope this settles the entire Batman v Superman issue.

True Wingman

Yoga dogs

paw and order

Voldemort is a teenage girl!

Bullets hitting ice..

When you try and make a serious vlog about DIY barn repair.

What happened to air travel?

If you build it, they will come

Cheerleaders before they were celebrities

Best thing I've seen in my work's parking lot

What's That?!