Saturday, October 31, 2015

Wait for it...Gotcha!

Winner for most terrifying costume is...

Worlds fastest TP reloader.

Seriously who?

Just a reminder, In case anyone needs a last minute costume!

Eternal Bliss

My friends wore my favorite costume I've seen this year...

Eject, eject!

Jaguar underwater

Looks like Satan is having fun

I've really toned it down over the years

Keepin' it real

This is how my friend is answering the door for trick or treaters

Trick or treat?

The Mother Ship got hit last night

I'm out celebrating!

Shhhhhh! It's sleeping

Blown away

I'm no doctor, but I think it's a little too late for Joseph.

I'm no doctor, but I think it's a little too late for Joseph.

When Neil deGrasse Tyson laughs at his own goofy jokes.

Halloween over the ages

Halloween FYI


If dinosaurs were still alive today

Real life Tom and Jerry.

My roommate has difficulties in finding the right hole.

the catch

PSA: Please don't be Rob Lowe tonight.

If your kid wants you to be frozen, you be frozen

Two milestones today: My American made car hit 200,000 miles...and I was served by Gumby at the Drive thru. The likes of which I may never see again.

Pizza guy with solid reflexes

Living Without The Internet

me as several different animals

In India we don't get huge size pumpkins... so I carved a watermelon for my son...

How about you not tell me how to live my life shampoo commercial

Self-Driving Car (xpost r/comics)

Surprise, Muthafucka (xpost r/comics)

Turn that frown upside down

Even with part of the first letter missing, ... the sign still means the same thing...

That look!

I got an angry letter today whilst in the office today...

When queen finished this part of Bohemian Rhapsody

Rush hour in Copenhagen

Little kid scores a goal and the crowd goes wild

My dad dressed as Bob Ross for Halloween


So... this is what I have to sit next to all day.

Friday, October 30, 2015

1 in 5 peeple ...

A gentleman dolphin helps a girl up a ladder