Monday, November 30, 2015

A suspenseful game of poor man's jenga

When I try to be romantic

It's Time.

Take on me

I miss 30 Rock.

Girlfriend ordered a jacket from Target, got this instead. They don't even have this item in their inventory.

Should send them all to Cali

I am a film student. This was a question on my sound recording test.

Cartoon Physics

Physics is handy.


After 9 months... it is still there.

The Jurassic Park gif you didn't know you needed

Renewing a Driver's licence.

...I think I'll take the next bus.

Nice! My Chinaware set finally came in!

Monkey Punches Capybara In The Nose

Copyright infringement??

Origami steel gate

i love you giant fur beast

Definitive Proof Shaggy and Scooby are Potheads

As a Canadian.. :)

Michael Jordan's Iconic Free Throw Line Dunk

Weight Loss Disadvantages

9-year-old Japanese kid pulls off a triple decade

Wait for it..

2 minutes for Gentlemanly Conduct

Just call Geeksquad!

Gotcha (xpost /r/surpriseddogs)

My son's reaction to automatic sliding doors

The Locket

Front bike flip

Mondays got us like...

Its true what they say about __________.

They were best friends all along, they just didn't know it!

Escher really stepped in it this time.

I guess it's warming up a little.

Pups eating a watermelon


I hate backseat drivers

This is what he does when he wants treats

This is what my boyfriend did to prevent me from snooping before he proposed.

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Confused Travolta in Star Wars

She's there everyday getting rubdowns and snacks

Accepting Failure

Slower you slut

Someone slipped this one past the editors..

Wait, What?

Someone put a ring on it