Sunday, January 31, 2016

Best Fatality ever!

Just doing my taxes when the internet Nazis came.

Son realizes his dad is driving passing train (xpost /r/TrainGifs)

Fashion at my small town Canadian bar. [OC]

This pregnant ferret looks like a ballsack

Future traffic stops

My buddy's good grill broke. This is him grilling hotdogs.

Ctrl+C. Ctrl+V, Ctrl+V, Ctrl+V...

Baby likes what he sees

How I imagine Texans making tea

Dam in Taiwan after a tropical storm

The zoo got a little too real today.

I Know I've Seen That Face Before.

The Life of a College Student

Role reversal at its best

You came to the wrong neighborhood

Leo is getting real testy with the oscars getting closer

Ted Cruz tries to get a hug from his daughter.

Sloth appreciates woman's offer.

Ho, Ho, Ho... Ly Shit...


Magnificent K.O.

Dutch police experimenting with birds to catch drones

Firefighters in Dubai haven't got time for your shit.

This pretty much explains what Fine Bros are doing.


Harvesting olives.

How to pick up a girl at the gym

I always preferred the Disney version of Making a Murderer.

Top Gear has some of the best humour on Tv

Boom. Headshot.

Boom. Headshot.

I'm reeeaaally doubting this charger's safety guarantees.

Not a nipple

Going hard on tinder.

Three female college roommates...Found this on kitchen countertop

Doggy wash

choosing the movie

This guy used google autocomplete to fill in his online dating profile

When your baby is born as a sith

Snuggling closer

His job looks like it sucks

After recently having lost my job, I decided to try my hand at making mobile games instead. This is my first game ever!

The ultimate pun

King of jerks

"Did I say you can stop?"

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Limbo Time!

Applying for new jobs

I had $10 and 2.5 hours of free time so I built a Snowspeeder

Dog doesn't want to sleep in his cage