Monday, February 29, 2016

Sneaky pitcher

My dad and his touching retirement email....

This looks 10 times more entertaining than the tennis.

Happy Leap Day

What a jerk.

More sad news

Japanese taxi line

George Miller gave one simple order to make Mad Max awesome....

Excuse me!


Omg it's true!

*sigh* My life will never be the same....

The Search Begins

Trike drifting

Rays attempting to fly

His arrival was foretold in ancient murals.

great news

Whatcha barking at buddy?

A Suspicious Funnel

Black storm trooper

2 on 1 isn't fair

I just found where drunk me left my Friday night dinner

Bounce dig

showering in winter

CCTV finally pays off

Sometimes I wear my panda hat to work. This is what it looks like to everyone walking into the library.

What a time to be alive

Today I'm buying my grandpa his first beer

Oblivious tourists

I thought my triumphant return would never be overshadowed one had faith in me either.

According to Vatican law, this kid is now technically the pope

Just makin a quick stop at the everything any price store

Eating at a Waffle House full of cops

This is the only thing my brother has favorited

Proper way to store meat.

Drone racers aren't fucking around anymore

Flight attendant on my gf's plane looks like he's about to announce some hunger games shit.

Leonardo DiCaprio's worst nightmare

Let's check it again.

Power Lifting

It's like it's a whole different party...

Your name spelt backwards is...

"You have to buy the book" they said...

Unique Business Card

Leo sticking it to everyone.

This is how you capitalize on a bad situation

Remember to take precautions

Sunday, February 28, 2016

No! My drum stick! ...Oh, thanks!

Wtf..did he just..hmm..

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