Thursday, March 31, 2016

Visualization of the magnetic field

Painted this for my station. My clients haven't noticed yet.

Frisbee Gymnastics

A large backdraft fireball shooting out of a local building during a fire last night.

After careful consideration, we (the mods) have decided to allow any type of post into the subreddit.

In the past few days, we've realized that the "don't submit things that aren't gifs" rule needs to change. Users of the subreddit feel that it's too subjective and detrimental to the subreddit as a whole. Also, people feel that we've been doing too strict a job at moderating. Therefore, we've decided to try not restricting the contents of the subreddit for a while.Since all our attempts to come up with an objective criterion for what constitutes a gif have failed, we've decided to just take that rule out. From now on, moderators will not remove anything other than obvious spam and NSFW/obscene content, and will approve any other post. One major complaint from the community is that we don't trust it enough to moderate itself, so, from now on and while this experiment lasts (we're aiming for a month), it's up to the community to downvote irrelevant content.After the experiment ends, we'll see how it went and decide whether strict moderation is needed or not. We're hoping that you guys we'll be happy that we're taking your advice and help us my moderating what you want and don't want to see.Thanks!/r/gifs moderator team

A note from Winston Churchill's doctor for alcohol during his trip to America during prohibition

Well played, medical test

Auto-correct goes for a Hail Mary.


Sums up the logic behind 'scientific' Facebook posts

Well played Wal-Mart, well played.

Damn...just look at that detail in this early animation of Disney's ROBIN HOOD

Dat field tho..

Smothered with affection.

Getting to the front page

Campus programs are getting interesting

A little too accurate

Blood Parrot Cichlid likes getting pet

Deaf girl meeting Tinkerbell

True statement.

Goddamn Colorado!

BB-8 cosplay

Road rage jerk

I think my pasta is about to suck my soul out

Racing Accident

Happy March 31st!

Response time

It's just ketchup, I swear

Monster Hunter

Luxury gold cars

Come on human do like this

Don't sleep during college lecture or else

Snoop with the assist

Go home panda, you're drunk.

Today is the first repost of the rest of your life.


Bear who spend 30 years in a cage recovers in a sanctuary


Death by adorableness

From a different perspective.

Street fighting 101

We were doing it wrong all along

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Chimp vs. Drone

News interview with Big Ounce

My friend teaches fifth grade, and she was given this by a student today. This kid is going places.

The 50's were a much simpler time...

Nice try, deadly poison.

My friend won a raffle

The woman's evil knows no bounds.