Saturday, April 30, 2016

Life..uh...finds a way

And that should just about do it...

Ffs stay on your own damn desk!

DIY nightlight

For all the girls saying they wish they lived in the past..

The versatility of a great actor

Hide and seek champ.

Truth in advertising

Cop jumps in car to avoid wolf pack

There is a contest to name a mother goose that has taken up residence at the state capitol, and these are the submitted names.

Avoiding crash

Best Amazon Q&A Ever

Do me

I wonder...

Gas prices are falling

Someone wants to fuck my truck

Am I Cute or Not? Ooooh!!!!

Guy in my neighborhood helping passersby out

Coraline in action

Trying for a second kid, this is my response to my wife night after night.

These pet rocks are raised in miserable, overcrowded conditions

What a goal!!

Kicking it old school

Cosplay level: Perfect

Special parking spot

South African drivers obeying their traffic laws.

High five, good fight!

My nephew was asked to wave for his uncle...

Kid experiences brain freeze for the first time

Nice set of chrome rims.

Ultimate Catch

Good question, better answer.

Asshole kid

Second Best Amazon Review Ever

I thought my life was alright untill i saw this guy

Friday, April 29, 2016

Proud parent

Wounda the rescued chimpanzee hugs Dr. Jane Goodall after realizing she is going to be released back into the jungle.

"Excuse me sir, your house is in my way"

Best amazon review ever

Even the Heineken was a nice touch.

No more Legos 😢

My father-in-law accidentally left his pedometer in his pants pocket and it went through the wash. [OC]

My sign of april

CONFIRMED: Susan Sarandon and Geena Davies are immortal!

The view from my bedroom this weekend

He wields the shovel like a true Norwegian.

Investing your retirement wisely


Cat Elephant